Here at Shoetastic we specialise in small shoes and boots for women in sizes 13-4 (eu 32-37). What you say about us, why we love shoetastic!!! your reviews from all over the world!!!

Why We Love

I discovered your site a little while back while watching Xposé.
It is a brilliant site for ladies who find it difficult to find small size shoes.
I have purchased some pairs of shoes and the quality and styles are fantastic.
The delivery service of 24 hours and returns policy are second to none.
I live in Waterford and if I place an order on a Monday, it arrives next day.
I am a very satisfied customer and I hope your business goes from strength to strength.

collette, county waterford testimonial


What can I say. . .Shoetastic is a just that!!!!
Finally some shoes that actually fit. I can’t believe it!!!
I wear the shoes and bags myself and I have to say, my whole life has changed, and many of yours too, it seems it’s not just about the shoes, but also a major confidence boost, shopping is no longer a dread or a nightmare like it was before!!!!
Give me a call if you need advice on any of the brands or if you want something and I don’t have it already.

Best Wishes
Hope to hear from you soon

Amy – Shoetastic, Co. Kerry


I am SO delighted to have found Shoetastic!!!! As a size 2 it has been a nightmare to source shoes so HALLELUJIAH for Amy Hanly & her site.  I ordered three items within the first week!!!  The level of service is exemplary even down to being able to advise on the right size to buy in particular styles.  I know only too well the delight in a new outfit only to realise that getting shoes to match would be nigh on impossible - well no more I fully intend to shop with Shoetastic frequently and often!!!!

Cindi Co, Tipperary

“Thank you so much for setting up Shoetastic!. For years I’ve gone through the kids shoes section in shops and just buying something just because they fitted. I used to consider shoe shopping a task I would seriously dread it before, and end up settling for something I didn’t really want! Now I find myself checking your website almost every day and have purchased a piggy bank that says “for shoes”! I finally fully understand the obsession us ladies have for shoes! Your company  is fantastic and I will be purchasing a lot more shoes form you in the future! Thanks again!”

Looking forward to my next pair of shoes!

Elaine, County Limerick


Shoetastic has been the best discovery I have made in years, it's fantastic to be able to get fashionable, pretty shoes for those of us with small feet. It's a pleasure to be able to stop trawling the kids section for decent shoes. Amy also makes a great personal effort, she's contacted me everytime I've purchased to check everything was ok. I wish her all the success in the world and I'll be buying shoes from here again soon.



I first became aware of Shoetastic (Ladies Petite Shoes) when I saw an advertisement on Exposé I have always had difficulty in getting up to date dressy shoes as I only wear a size 2 Learning about Shoetastic couldn’t have come at a better time as I was booked to go on a Cruise in the summer. I was able to order various shoes to suit this occasion all at a very reasonable price The personal service you receive from this company is exceptional and your order will be received in a matter of a few days. The shoes are off a very high standard and I would have no hesitation in recommending this site to anyone I’m sure I will be very happy ordering from them in the future.

From Teresa – Co. Tyrone